Midget bipolar cell


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Midget bipolar cell
Bipolar cells BCs are the central neurons of the retina which carry light-elicited signals from photoreceptors and horizontal cells HCs in the outer retina to amacrine cells ACs and ganglion cells GCs in the inner retina. Encyclopedia of Neuroscience,
Cell Midget bipolar
Bipolar neuron - an overview
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Midget bipolar cells
Midget bipolar cell
What is MIDGET BIPOLAR CELL? definition of MIDGET BIPOLAR CELL (Psychology Dictionary)
Midget bipolar cell
The specialized cone pathways of the central fovea of human and monkey retinas have the least convergence and the greatest resolution capabilities of the visual system. The illustration is taken from Polyak,
Cell Midget bipolar
A midget cell is one type of retinal ganglion cell.
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Webvision: Midget cells
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Midget pathways of the primate retina underlie resolution and red green color opponency.
Cell Midget bipolar
To study their detailed morphology, ganglion cells of the human retina were stained by intracellular tracer injection, in an in vitro, whole-mount preparation. This report focuses on the dendritic morphology and mosaic organization of the major, presumed color-opponent, ganglion cell class, the midget cells.
Cell Midget bipolar
Bipolar cells were studied in Golgi - Colonnier-stained whole mounts of macaque monkey retinae.
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